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Seattle Humane 2018 Event Donor Opportunity

Thank you to all of my friends and any of your contacts and friends for your interest in joining in donating to the Seattle Humane’s (SHS) annual “Tuxes and Tails” fund-raiser which is held on Mother’s Day. As I may have mentioned to you individually, I’ve gotten to know Denise Beard, the auction Procurement Chair, through various Facebook Dachshund groups and auctions. She’s very generous to our beloved wieners.

Here is a link to some information on last year’s event as well as a link to the PDF of the 2017 auction catalog.  Once the catalog is finished, it will go online which usually happens around mid-April. The link is posted on the Seattle Humane website under the Tuxes & Tails tab, and it also is sent by email to all guests who have purchased tickets.

This seems to be a great opportunity to help out as well as with the auction catalog being printed weeks in advance, all donor participants have the opportunity to get some good exposure with potential clients for what you offer on a regular basis.

From what Denise says, anything that is listed in the catalog gets higher bidding amounts, although donated items are accepted much past the early-March deadline for the catalog. You can see based on last year’s catalog, it’s very high quality.  In terms of the value of the gift of what you donate and it standing alone, it seems to be anything over $50 or $60 appears to be a stand-alone gift, not grouped with other items.

This is a note I received from Denise Beard, Procurement Chair and “Goddess” and I’ve linked to the attachments she sent me:

Here are the Tuxes documents: 2018-Denise-Seattle-Humane-Item-Procurement-Form-Fillable-2, About Seattle Humane, and the 2017 About Tuxes Fact Sheet.

The SHS fact sheet is very brief and condensed. It doesn’t mention that SHS actually partners with over 150 rescue groups & shelters across the entire state of Washington as well as into Oregon & California.

We have been saving approx 7,000 animals a year and with our new shelter ( just finished!) and in-house partnership with Washington State University Vet Teaching Hospital, in 2018 we expect to save 10,000 a year. SHS also will be able to offer many free and low-cost spay/neuters to the community & also to local rescue groups who do not have their own vet.

The Tuxes fact sheet still needs to be tweaked; we start procurement in earnest January 1!  Also, the SHS fact sheet may be tweaked more as well to highlight the new shelter, The Vet Teaching Hospital. This expanded the size of our shelter; our expectation is that we can increase the number of animals saved from 7,000 to 10,000 a year.

Your potential donor friends might also like to know that our save rate is 98%, which considering we are an (owner-relinquished) “Open Admission” shelter, is pretty amazing. Many of us know that “No Kill” is a controversial term since there are shelters and groups who pick and choose which animals are accepted, in order to say they meet that criteria. Adoptable, young, healthy, etc.

Seattle Humane, I am proud to say, does not turn any away, regardless of age, health.

Thank you again SO MUCH for offering all these wonderful donations to Tuxes!!! I am humbled & so grateful!!!!


If you know you’re interested in participating, the next steps are:

  1. Let me know and I’ll add you to a Facebook chat group I’ve created to make it easier for Denise to communicate with anyone who is donating at my invitation, or via the invitation of someone I invited to participate.  This way Denise can be more efficient in keeping us all apprised of anything we need to do or provide.
  2. Fill out the 2018-Denise-Seattle-Humane-Item-Procurement-Form-Fillable-2 (you can type right into it), SAVE IT, and email Denise the form (click the link and it will open up an email window for you).
  3. Feel free to drop any questions into the Facebook group chat as your question and Denise’s response may be something someone else needs to hear as well.

If you aren’t interested in participating, I’d appreciate your letting me know so I can know not to follow-up with you. 🙂

Again, on behalf of the animals and me, thanks for your consideration of participating.

Best regards and with gratitude,
~ Laurel